On-Demand Webinars

Pastoral Planning with a View from the Neighborhood: Who lives in our Parish?

April 11, 2017
Presenter:  Chuck Salter, MissionInsite

This webinar will explore the importance of knowing the folks in your parish as a part of the pastoral planning process.  What are the ways we can get to know more about all the souls that live in our parish boundaries?  Who comes from outside our parish boundaries and why?  How does this understanding impact our plans for evangelization, discipleship and community?




The Evolving Role of Councils

March 14, 2017
Presenter:  Peter Denio, Leadership Roundtable

This webinar will explore the evolving role of councils and collaboration with pastoral staff

  • Proper use of councils and staff in pastoral planning
  • New emerging qualities of leadership for each leadership body
  • Encouraging honest dialogue and managing conflict




Living the Paschal Mystery in Practical Planning

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Presenter:  Maureen Gallagher, Senior Consultant, The Reid Group

This webinar will explore practical planning as seen from the lens of Paschal Mystery.  The presentation takes planning from the perspective of visioning and dealing with change.  Vision helps us begin to imagine the endpoint.  Visions have embedded in them change and transitions which are needed to live into the vision.

All these can be seen through the lens of the Paschal Mystery where people travel together through the wilderness zone.  Dealing with change based on gratitude for the past, embracing the pain of letting go, realizing what is remaining the same or deepening, seeing with new eyes and going forth are all aspects of the spirituality of planning.   The seminar will be based on some of the frameworks of William Bridges and Joanna Macy.




5 Ways to Establish Pastoral Councils as Communities of Service

November 8, 2016
Presenter: Dr. Kathleen Wiskus

What can we as do as diocesan leadership to clearly establish pastoral councils within parishes as “communities of service”? How can we utilize training sessions, diocesan guidelines, and leadership days within our own dioceses to both highlight the council’s role as “communities of service” but also better equip them to realize that purpose and grow the Church through their efforts? We will spend time identifying key steps that can be taken within the diocese to assist in the development of pastoral councils and their membership as “communities of service.”

Dr. Kate Wiskus continues to serve the Catholic Church through her ministries at Mundelein Seminary and University of Saint Mary of the Lake as faculty member and associate dean of formation. Her desire to bring her gifts and experiences from 40+ years of ministry to the service of the Church lead her to accept invitations to consult with parishes and dioceses in the areas of pastoral planning, leadership development, and training for special pastoral ministries, especially ministry to multiple parishes.




Best Practices for Using Data in Pastoral Planning  

March 17, 2016
Presenter:  Mike Cieslak

Before one can successfully navigate the “vision” and “mission” phases of pastoral planning it is imperative to understand the current reality, the “what is.” This webinar will focus on the systematic gathering, analyzing and reporting of data that can help inform a proactive pastoral planning stance. Emphasis will be upon the tools and reports that diocesan leadership finds most useful on an ongoing basis, with examples shown of “best practices.” Non-technical language will be used.

Mike Cieslak is responsible for strategic planning, research and evaluation, and serves as executive secretary of the Diocesan Pastoral Council in the Diocese of Rockford.

Navigating Pastoral Transitions: Surviving or Thriving?

February 18, 2016, 1:00PM Central  (11AM PST | 12MTN | 2PM EST)
Presenter:  Marti Jewell, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at the University of Dallas

Contrary to popular belief parish leaders can – and do – impact the future success of a new pastor. As the parish says good-bye to one pastor and hello to another, parish leaders play a much-needed role in maintaining the stability of the parish during this transition.  It is also a time to assess and make decisions about their involvement in the parish. Please join us as we use contemporary change theory to assess the role of the parish leader and discuss practical ideas for surviving the transition of pastors.

The Positive Power of Servant Leadership

January 21, 2016, 1:00PM Central  (11AM PST | 12MTN | 2PM EST)
Presenter: Thomas A. Thibodeau

Jesus is the primary example of servant leadership. It is an idea which is timely and timeless and is finding a contemporary expression in organizations and institutions. In this presentation we will discuss the theological and philosophical foundations of servant leadership. We will give practical examples for implementation and the potential for further development of servant leaders.